Available Papers

Comparative Error Analysis of Dialog State Tracking: Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2014 Conference, pages 300-309. Video link to presentation.

(Following papers are in Postscript format except 1994 IEEE Expert paper)

Performance Measures for the Next Generation of Spoken Natural Language Dialog Systems: Proceedings of the ACL'97 Workshop on Interactive Spoken Dialog Systems, pages 37-40.
An Evaluation of Strategies for Selective Utterance Verification for Spoken Natural Language Dialog: Proceedings of the Fifth Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing, 1997, pages 41-48.
Practical Issues in Mixed-Initiative Natural Language Dialog: An Experimental Perspective : Proceedings of the 1997 AAAI Spring Symposium on Computational Models for Mixed Initiative Interaction, pages 158-162.
Pragmatic Issues in Handling Miscommunication: Observations of a Spoken Natural Language Dialog System (with Steven A. Gordon): Proceedings of the AAAI '96 Workshop on Detecting, Repairing, and Preventing Human-Machine Miscommunication, pages 21-28.
Initiative-Dependent Features of Human-Computer Dialogs in a Task-Assistance Domain: Proceedings of the Energy Information Management Conference, 1996, pages 41-48.
Spoken Variable Initiative Dialog: An Adaptable Natural-Language Interface : IEEE Expert, vol. 9, no. 1, 1994, pages 45-50.
Effective Spoken Natural Language Dialog Requires Variable Initiative Behavior: An Empirical Study: Proceedings of the 1993 AAAI Fall Symposium on Human-Computer Collaboration: Reconciling Theory, Synthesizing Practice, pages 101-106.
Integration of Domain Problem Solving with Natural Language Dialog: The Missing Axiom Theory: Proceedings of Applications of AI X: Knowledge-Based Systems, 1992, pages 270-278.
A Dialog Control Algorithm and its Performance (with D. Richard Hipp and Alan W. Biermann): Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing, 1992, pages 9-16.