Schedule: Software Demonstrations Program

Tuesday June 5th Wednesday June 6th Thursday June 7th

Demo Sessions Overview

(all session take place in the Connan Room)

Tuesday June 5th
9:15-10:30D1: Demo Session 1
10:45-12:00D2: Demo Session 2
15:00-16:15D3: Demo Session 3
16:30-17:45D4: Demo Session 4
Wednesday June 6th
9:15-10:30D5: Demo Session 5
10:45-12:00D6: Demo Session 6
16:15-17:30D7: Demo Session 7
Thursday June 7th
9:15-10:30D8: Demo Session 8
10:45-12:00D9: Demo Session 9

Tuesday June 5th

D1:Demo Session 1 Connan Room
9:15-10:30 OLAC: The Open Language Archives Community S. Bird, G. Simons, E. Banik (LDC, U. Penn)
The BLS Language Engine C. Diggins(Boulder Lang. Software)
Interactive Conceptual Tutoring in Atlas-Andes C. Rose, M. Boettner, P. Jordan, M. Makatchev, U. Pappuswamy, M. Ringenberg, A. Roque, S. Siler, R. Srivastava, K. VanLehn, A. Weinstein (U. Pittsburgh)
D2:Demo Session 2 Connan Room
10:45 - 12:00 A Tutorial Dialogue System for Helping Students Learn Through Self-Explanation V. Aleven, O. Popescu, K. Koedinger (CMU)
JYAG & IDEY: A Template-Based Generator and Its Authoring Tool S. Channarukul, S. McRoy, S. Ali (U. W-Milwaukee)
The KANTOO MT System: Controlled Language Checker and Knowledge Maintenace Tool T. Mitamura, E. Nyberg, K. Baker, D. Svoboda, E. Torrejon, M. Duggan (CMU)
12:00 -15:00 Lunch break & Invited Speaker
D3:Demo Session 3 Connan Room
15:00-16:15 SpeechWorks Multi-Modal Dialog Engine B. Carpenter, S. Caskey, R. Pieraccini (Speechworks International)
Demonstration of a Spoken Dialogue Interface to a Mobile Semi-Autonomous Robot J. Dowding, J. Hieronymus, B. Hockey, F. James, M. Rayner (NASA Ames)
Speech Interaction in a Shiphandling Trainer B. Roberts (BBN)
D4:Demo Session 4 Connan Room
16:30-17:45 Building Annotation Tools with the Annotation Graph Toolkit S. Bird, K. Maeda, X. Ma, H. Lee (LDC, U. Penn)
UNL: A Multi-Lingual System for Information Exchange in Internet J. Cardenosa, L. Iraola, R. Armada, E. Tovar, I. Boguslavsky, I. Prodanof (U. Pol. Madrid, Russian Academy of Sciences, and National Research Council, Italy)
GoDiS - QUD-based Dialogue Management in a Multi-domain Dialogue System S. Larsson, S. Ericsson (Gothenburg, University, Sweden)

Wednesday June 6th

D5:Demo Session 5 Connan Room
9:15-10:30 Interbot: A Multi-modal Interface to Mobile Robots D. Perzanowski, A. Schultz, W. Adams, K. Wauchope, E. Marsh, M. Bugajska (NRL)
Contextual Dialogue Prompter D. Stevenson (S. Carolina)
D6: Demo Session 6 Connan Room
10:45-12:00 An Algorithm for Aspects of Semantic Interpretation Using an Enhanced WordNet F. Gomez (U. Central Fla.)
A Controlled Language Checker Based on the Ellogon Text Engineering Platform V. Karkaletsis, G. Samaritakis, G. Petasis, D. Farmakiotou, I. Androutsopoulos, S. Markantonatou, C. Spyropoulos (NCSR, Greece, and ILSP, Greece)
TransType: a User Oriented Interactive Machine Translation System P. Langlais, G. Foster, G. Lapalme (U. Montreal)
12:00 -16:00 Lunch break, Business Meeting, & Invited Speaker
D7: Demo Session 7 Connan Room
16:15 - 17:30 Flexible Dialogue Management in the ADVICE project J. Calle-Gomez, A. Garcia-Serrano, L. Rodrigo (Tech. U. Madrid)
The FrameNet II Tools and Frame Semantic Representation B. Cronin and C. Baker (ICSI)
Variation of Language Models in Three Spoken Dialog Systems G. Gorrell, M. Rayner, B. Hockey, J. Dowding, J. Boye (Netdecisions, UK, NASA Ames, Telia Research, Sweden)
SevenTones: Search in Linguistics and Languages Z. Zheng (U. Michigan)

Thursday June 7th

D8: Demo Session 8 Connan Room
9:15-10:30 AutoTutor in Two Content Domains N. Person, A. Graesser (Rhodes C. and U. Memphis)
Demonstration of Collaborative Interface Applications using Collagen C. Sidner (MERL)
Sary: Reusable Components and Tools for Searching Large Corpora S. Takabayashi (Nara I. of Sci and Tech, Japan)
D9: Demo Session 9 Connan Room
10:45-12:00 A Multi-Modal Dialogue System for Human-Robot Conversation O. Lemon, A. Bracy, A. Gruenstein, S. Peters (Stanford U.)
MESIA: Extending Web Queries with Linguistic Knowledge P. Martinez, A. Garcia-Serrano, L. Aguado (Tech. U. Madrid)
A Hands-on Demonstration of Project LISTEN's Reading Tutor and Its Embedded Experiments J. Mostow, G. Aist, J. Bey, P. Burkhead, A. Cuneo, S. Rossbach, B. Tobin, J. Valeri, S. Wilson (CMU)