Discrete Mathematical Structures -- MATH 2427

Robert Hochberg
Fall Semester, 2002 
Office: Austin 325B 
Phone: 328-0126 
Email: hochberg@cs.ecu.edu 
Website: www.cs.ecu.edu/~hochberg



Tuesday 8:45-9:30am, 10:45-11:45am
Thursday 8:45-9:30am, 10:45-11:45am, 6:30-8pm
But also by appt., of course. Also, stop by any time for help, but call first to make sure I'm in.

"If you get stuck, don't stay stuck."

Texts: Discrete Mathematics and its Applications - 4th edition, by Rosen.

Homework: There will be 15 homework assignments, each worth 10 points. Homework is due at the start of class on the date it's due. Use 8½ × 11 paper, with no spiral notebook "flags," and please write on only one side of the paper  Note that according to the grade calculation below, three missed homeworks corresponds to half a letter grade.  (So don't miss homeworks.)

Testing: You will have ten unannounced quizzes worth 10 points each, two 75-minute exams, worth 100 points each, and one cumulative final exam worth 150 points.

Late Work: Late homework will not be accepted, and quizzes or (if you can imagine it) exams missed because of absences will receive a grade of 0. No exceptions. You heard it here. Absences declared in advance can be dealt with on a per-case basis.

Final Grade: With homework, regular exams, quizzes and final exams, you will have 150 + 200 + 100 + 150 = 600 points available. You will receive:

Extra Credit:  There will be occasional opportunities to earn extra credit points which get tacked directly onto your 600 point sum.  These are given solely at my discretion, and thus are not entitlements.  They tend to be trickier than the average problem, and should not be counted upon when you are deciding whether to go to a party or do your homework.

Attendance: I will be taking attendance most of the time.  Any absence beyond the first absence will void all extra credit earned up to that point.  Such a student will still be eligible for future extra credit opportunities, if there are any.

Notes: There are no make-up exams available after the fact. It is the responsibility of the student to stay on top of the material, by doing the homework and attending the classes. If you miss a class, see me or another student to find out about announcements, material covered, etc... DO NOT FALL BEHIND! This is the kiss of death in any mathematics course, especially one like this, where the material is at times rather abstract, new material builds on old material and there are frequent definitions. Remember, you learn math by doing it, not by watching it. You must work in this class in order to succeed, and often, time spent on homework makes the difference.

East Carolina University seeks to fully comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Students requesting accommodations based on a covered disability must go to the Department for Disability Support Services, located in Brewster A-114, to verify the disability before any accommodations can occur. The telephone number is 252-328-6799.