Karl R. Abrahamson

Last modified: 1/9/17

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
East Carolina University
Greenville NC 27858-4353

Office: C-113 Science and Technology
Email: abrahamsonk@ecu.edu
Phone: 252-328-9689
CSCI department phone number: 252-328-9680



Cinnameg programming language
Email form and etiquette
Office hours
Microsoft Imagine (formerly DreamSpark, formerly MSDN Academic Alliance
Current courses
Previous courses


Cinnameg programming language

Cinnameg is a multiparadigm programming language. It includes the basics of functional, imperative, logic and object-oriented programming. See the manual and introduction.

Cinnameg 9.0 introduction, manual and other material.


Email form and etiquette

If you need to contact me, email is the preferred method.

An email message sent to your professor (or to professional colleagues, employers, etc.) is not the same as a text message sent to your friend. Do not use abbreviations such as u for you. Write in complete sentences, and use correct spelling and punctuation. If you send me a message in all lower case letters with no punctuation and incorrect spelling, you can expect me to send it directly to the garbage heap. If you cannot take the time to write correctly, then I will not take the time to respond to your message.


Office hours (Spring 2017)

M–Th 3:00–4:00
F 11:00–12:00
or by appointment.


Current courses (Spring 2017)

CSCI 2530
CSCI 3000


Microsoft Imagine (formerly DreamSpark, formerly MSDN Academic Alliance)

Computer science majors can be registered to use Microsoft Imagine (formerly called DreamSpark — how long will this new name last?), which allows you to download and use selected Microsoft software while you are a student. To become registered for it and to download software, do the following.

  1. I am responsible for registering computer science majors. If you are not a computer science major, request someone else to register you. Also, you must currently be registered in at least one computer science course.

  2. To request registration, send me email from your ECU mail account to abrahamsonk@ecu.edu, with a request to be registered for Microsoft Imagine. Make your request clear and readable. Do not write it in text-messaging code. Indicate that you are a computer science major and list at least one computer science course in which you are currently registered. I will ignore requests sent from non-ECU accounts.

  3. Do not expect an immediate response. I will register you when I go through my email.

  4. After you are registered, you will (hopefully) receive email from Microsoft telling you your password. If I have sent you notification that you have been registered, but you do not receive anything from Microsoft within a day, let me know (by email).

  5. The software that is available is entirely up to Microsoft. It can change over time. I do not have any special information about what is offered, and cannot give you access to any software that is not listed.

  6. If you have problems with installation of software from ISO files, refer to the help section of the website. Once in help, there should be a link labeled "I have downloaded an .img or .iso file. What do I do now?"


Prior courses

Course Term
CSCI 2530 Fall 2016
CSCI 3675 Fall 2016
CSCI 4602 Fall 2016
CSCI 3300 Spring 2016
CSCI 5220 Spring 2016
CSCI 6420 Spring 2016
CSCI 3200 Fall 2015
CSCI 3300 Fall 2015
CSCI 3675 Fall 2015
CSCI 3300 Spring 2015
CSCI 3650 Spring 2015
CSCI 3300 Fall 2014
CSCI 3675 Fall 2014
CSCI 3300 Spring 2014
CSCI 6420 Spring 2014
CSCI 3300 Fall 2013
CSCI 2427 Spring 2013
CSCI 6420 Spring 2013
CSCI 2427 Fall 2012
CSCI 3650 Spring 2012
CSCI 3675 Fall 2011
CSCI 6410 Fall 2011
CSCI 6420 Spring 2011
CSCI 6220 Fall 2010
CSCI 2310/2311 Spring 2010
CSCI 3300 Spring 2010
CSCI 2310/2311 Fall 2009
CSCI 3300 Fall 2009
CSCI 3675 Fall 2009
Course Term
CSCI 3300 Spring 2009
CSCI 5220 Spring 2009
CSCI 6420 Spring 2009
CSCI 3300 Fall 2008
CSCI 3675 Fall 2008
CSCI 3300 Spring 2008
CSCI 3310 Spring 2008
CSCI 5220 Spring 2008
CSCI 2310/2311 Fall 2007
CSCI 3310 Fall 2007
CSCI 3300 Spring 2007
CSCI 5220 Spring 2007
CSCI 6420 Spring 2007
CSCI 3300 Fall 2006
CSCI 3675 Fall 2006
CSCI 4602 Fall 2006
CSCI 3310 Summer 2006
CSCI 3300 Spring 2006
CSCI 5220 Spring 2006
CSCI 6420 Spring 2006
CSCI 3300 Fall 2005
CSCI 3675 Fall 2005
CSCI 6220 Fall 2005
CSCI 2310/2311 Spring 2005
CSCI 4627 Spring 2005
CSCI 2610 Fall 2004
CSCI 3675 Fall 2004



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