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Introducing DevOps Techniques in a Software Construction Class

Continuous Integration and Delivery in Student Projects


Understanding Database Usage in PHP Systems: Current and Future Work


Supporting Analysis of SQL Queries in PHP AiR

Query Construction Patterns in PHP


Navigating the WordPress Plugin Landscape


Variable Feature Usage Patterns in PHP

Supporting PHP Dynamic Analysis in PHP AiR

Domain-Specific Languages for Program Analysis

Evolution of Dynamic Feature Usage in PHP


Streamlining Control Flow Graph Construction with DCFlow

Static, Lightweight Includes Resolution for PHP

PHP AiR: Analyzing PHP Systems with Rascal

Capturing Programmer Intent with Extensible Annotation Systems


An Empirical Study of PHP Feature Usage: A Static Analysis Perspective

Enabling PHP Software Engineering Research in Rascal

Modular Language Specifications for Program Analysis


Meta-Language Support for Type-Safe Access to External Resources

Streamlining Policy Creation in Policy Frameworks

Scripting a Refactoring with Rascal and Eclipse

Rascal: Meta-Programming for Program Analysis


RLSRunner and KRunner: Linking Rascal with K for Program Analysis and Execution

RLSRunner: Linking Rascal with K for Program Analysis

Meta-Programming and MDE with Rascal


A Rewriting Logic Semantics Approach to Modular Program Analysis


A Rewriting Logic Approach to Static Checking of Units of Measurement in C

Towards a Module System for K

Memory Representations in Rewriting Logic Semantics Definitions


A Rewriting Approach to the Design and Evolution of Object-Oriented Languages

KOOL: An Application of Rewriting Logic to Language Prototyping and Analysis

On Formal Analysis of OO Languages using Rewriting Logic: Designing for Performance