Planning a Conceptual Framework Approach for Teaching Cloud Fundamentals


Three previous Working Groups (WG) have met at ITiCSE conferences to explore ways of incorporating cloud computing into courses and curricula by mapping industry job skills to knowledge areas (KAs) and KAs to student learning objectives (LOs) and using these as the framework for a repository of learning materials and course exemplars. The ongoing value of the work of these WGs will be enhanced by validating the KAs and LOs and their mapping to current job skills and continuing to build a community of educators who will contribute to and benefit from the repository. This WG aims to make a significant contribution to the achievement of both aims. It will focus on planning for a wider, ongoing research study for validation of the mapped KAs and LOs and will create and pilot a model for workshops which will contribute to community building and help to frame the research plan.

Proceedings of the 26th ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, Volume 2 (ITiCSE 2021)
Mark Hills
Mark Hills
Associate Professor

My research interests include programming languages, program analysis, and software engineering.