Research Projects

The information on this page is currently being expanded. In the meantime, here are links to some of the projects I have worked on in the past and/or are currently working on:

  • The Rascal Meta-Programming Language is a domain-specific language for program analysis and transformation. I am one of the contributors to the Rascal project, and also use the language in my research.
  • The K Framework is a framework for the formal definition of programming languages and language tools. I helped to develop the initial version of the framework while at UIUC, and continue to use it in my research.
  • The PHP Analysis in Rascal (PHP AiR) project contains my ongoing work on developing tools for analyzing PHP software.
  • The C Policy Framework is an analysis framework for C programs, defined using a K semantics. I am in the process of bringing this forward into a current version of K, but for now it can be run directly in Maude. This page also contains a link to an online version of the tool. The most developed analysis is for checking to ensure that units of measurement are used correctly in programs.