If you are a graduate student in the MSSE or MSCS programs, or an undergraduate student interested in research, please contact me and we can discuss possible topics. Feel free to look at my publications and presentations to get an idea of the type of work I do. If you have decided to work on a project and are an MSSE student, look at my MSSE project guidelines page to see what information is expected in a project report, which should also give you an idea of what you need to do on a project and what you should record. I'll have similar information posted for MSSE thesis work shortly.

Listed below are the classes I have taught, along with further information about topics and/or a syllabus. I'll be adding more information for prior classes as I have time.


  • SENG 6245, Software Construction
  • CSCI 4000, Ethical and Professional Issues in Computer Science


  • CSCI 4540, Mobile Computing
  • SENG 6245, Software Construction
  • SENG 6230, Software Engineering Foundations


  • CSCI 3030, Software Engineering I
  • CSCI 4230, Software Engineering II
  • SENG 6250, Software Systems Modeling and Analysis


  • CSCI 4200, Software Engineering I
  • CSCI 6220, Topics in Language Design
  • SENG 6245, Software Construction


  • CSCI 6710, Developing e-Commerce Systems
  • SENG 6250, Software Systems Modeling and Analysis
  • SENG 6275, Dependable Systems and Software Reliability


  • SENG 6250, Software Systems Modeling and Analysis
  • CSCI 3675, Organization of Programming Languages