Graduate Program: M.S. Computer Science

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Admissions Requirements

Degree Requirements (enrolled 2007 and later)

Degree Requirements (pre 2007 enrollment)

Research Requirements Policies

Graduate Faculty Research Seminar: April 15, 2005

Graduate Student Orientation: Fall 2007

Graduate Student Orientation: Fall 2006

Graduate Student Orientation: Fall 2005

Graduate Student Orientation: Fall 2004

Graduate Student Orientation: Fall 2003

ECU Graduate School

Pre 2007 Degree Requirements

Each student must complete the four core courses CSCI 5210, 5220, 6120 and 6420, plus 18 semester hours of CSCI courses numbered 5000 or above, including six semester hours in a concentration and three to six semester hours of thesis or project. At least 15 of the completed semester hours must be in courses numbered 6000 or above.
Each student must complete a concentration consisting of at least one of the following two-course sequences.
  • Each student must score satisfactorily on a comprehensive examination covering the student's course work.
  • After successfully completing the comprehensive examination, each student must arrange for an advisor, and complete either a project (CSCI 6995) or thesis (CSCI 7000). After completion, the project or thesis must be successfully defended before the student's examination committee.
  • Students must attend at least five research seminars and present at least one research seminar.
  • The overall grade point average of all courses submitted for the degree must be 3.0 or above. No more than six semester hours of courses evaluated as C may be counted toward the degree.